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New filtration leaves from Cambridge Engineered Solutions reduce costs and downtime

12 April 2016
From Filtration+Separation

Cambridge Engineered Solutions has launched a new manufacturing initiative to fabricate stainless steel filtration leaves for portable pressure filters commonly used by craft breweries, wineries and artisan juice and vinegar makers to separate mash and sediment.
Cambridge says it is capable of providing new and rescreened leaves to match original OEM products for beverage production, including those used in Italian-made Velo, Spadoni and Della Toffola pressure filters.
“We’ve made large industrial filter screens for more than 75 years, but recently, we’ve seen a rise in special order requests for smaller leaves, mostly coming from the beer and wine industry,” said Eva Winther, filtration market specialist for Cambridge Engineered Solutions. “As craft breweries and wineries grow and increase production, their processes are slowed when filtration leaves wear and tear. Previously, they’ve turned to the overseas OEMs for costly solutions and orders that take months to fulfill.”
The boom in beer and wine production has spurred Cambridge to dedicate a manufacturing team that focuses on new or replacement filtration products.
Cambridge filtration leaves are fabricated with either T304 or T316 stainless. All mesh ranges and cross section bottom plate designs are available.

Filtration leaf being rescreened in precision-fit frame at Cambridge Engineered Solutions plant in Cambridge, Maryland.