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Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges Remove Impurities

By America filtration & separations society
Activated carbon has long been used to remove chlorine and other impurities from water and other liquids. Activated carbon is available in various cartridge forms to fit standard industrial housings. An example of the effective use of carbon cartridges is the food processor who produces bagged salads using process water to rinse lettuce and vegetables before packaging.
Despite using sediment filtration to treat their rinse water, undesirable odors were detected in the product upon opening the packages. Naturally, this is a major concern in a food product intended for retail sale. To combat the problem they installed carbon/sediment combo filters to replace the sediment-only cartridges. This filter combines an activated coconut shell carbon block core with a string-wound outer layer for sediment reduction. By installing this carbon/sediment combo filter, the food processor was able to utilize the existing filter housing, eliminate any foul odors, maintain the reduction of sediment, as well as save both time and money over implementing a more complicated system.